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My ldr bf is coming to detroit to visit me. What are some nice (free) places to go? Thanks :)

Well it’s warming up so here are some parks:

  • The Detroit Riverfront + Dequindre cut Greenway
  • Campus Martius + Grand Circus Park (center of downtown)
  • Belle Isle ( the greenhouse/conservatory is my favorite part) 

On Saturdays (5am-5pm) you can go to eastern market, it’s an open air farmers market with a bunch of shops and restaurants among other things. It’s fun to just walk around, too. 

The Detroit Institute of Arts is free for people who live here - live performances on Fridays!

If you’re an architecture nerd like me, id suggest checking out

  • the guardian building
  • the fisher building
  • lafayette park (mies van der rohe) 
  • the Detroit public library
  • the Yamasaki buildings at Wayne State are really cool
  • Historic neighborhoods like Indian village, palmer park, and Boston-Edison are very beautiful if you want to go for a cruise 
  • The Renaissance center (access from the riverwalk)
  • Anything Downtown

The heidelberg project is pretty cool, its an outdoor art project that you should look up, but an arson keeps burning down the houses that are part of the collection there…

if you want a list of coffee shops and restaurants (at least the places i am familiar with) check out my about page. There are also some other interesting places in Detroit there. 

I guess it depends on what kinds of things you enjoy - 

what the hell do couples do anyways?

Thanks for the question! 

en feu 
Cadillac Place
Sunset at New Center
The Fisher Building
Pallister Park
The Pedestrian-only Street in New Center
I saw two pheasants and met a lot of wonderful people during my photo shoot in Detroit. 

Photographs soon! 

8:00 a.m.

Into Your Hideout - Pilate

At the Elaine Jacob Gallery