If you go to the Jazz Fest, you have to see Mike Stern tomorrow. He's amazing!

I’ve been hearing a lot about the jazz fest but I work weekends, which means i’m probably also going to miss arts, beats, and eats, and dally in the alley. I’ve been to none of these events before so it kinda sucks! 

Flow - Cage The Elephant

My students!
This was my third year teaching the week-long photography program with the ACCESS Youth and Education department. For most of them this was their first trip to Belle Isle, so I was really happy to have facilitated the experience. They ended up making some really nice photos, everything was shot in film and printed in the dark room at Wayne State. A great way to cap off a fantastic summer!

The Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes

I had opinions

That didn’t matter

I had a brain

That felt like pancake batter

Belle Isle Casino
Just a bit of italian renaissance floating your way. 
Nancy Brown Peace Carillon
Some work produced over the summer
Exploring street photography in Detroit - Portraits in public spaces
Michigan Central Station

Memories - David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi

That would be the best therapy for me.

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Metro Detroit is the most segregated metropolitan area in the United states. If you have a vague understanding of the history of the city you will know that this is the root cause of most of our problems. In the 1948 consolidated court cases Shelley v. Kraemer (St. Louis) and McGhee v. Sipes (Detroit) the court held that the enforcement of racially based restrictive covenants (housing segregation) in state court violated the 14th Amendment. Since then 1.1 million people have moved out of the city. Since then Detroit has gone from 83% white to 83% Black. Integration > white flight > resegregation. Know your context. Understand the status quo. Know that this isn’t just a Detroit problem, but an American problem. Know that what happens in St. Louis is happening here. Don’t believe anyone that tells you racism is an issue of the past. The sooner we get over ourselves and our preconceived notions of race, the sooner we can expect to see a more stable city, and a more stable country. #HeyMommyICanSee8Mile #look!