This is insane
"sometimes you run out of words"
I saw JACK WHITE at the Masonic temple yesterday. 

Eid Mubarak Everyone! 

Chef Craig Lieckfelt has a mission to bring three Michelin stars to Detroit

Elle Me Dit - Mika

Elle me dit “C’est ta vie.
Fais ce que tu veux, tant pis.
Un jour tu comprendras.
Un jour tu t’en voudras.”

Elle me dit,
"Fais comme les autres garçons,
va taper dans un ballon,
tu deviendras populaire.”

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The David Stott Building, The Westin, Book Tower, and Merchant’s Row. 
Can I talk about how wonderful small plates was. I loved the fried green tomatoes, the calamari, and the sweet potato fries. Fish tacos were okay, but I wasn’t a fan of the sauce on the Bruschetta - too sweet for my liking. 
Small Plates
1521 Broadway St.
Hello ~
There are some new arched bridges over the northern expansion of the Dequindre cut that is currently under construction, they look nice. Looking forward to all of the improvements in the Eastern Market area.  

Sunflowers, pocket parks and other ideas aim to beautify vacant lots

I noticed a packet of sunflower seeds at work a few days ago and it reminded me of the huge fields of sunflowers that were near the Ford headquarters in Dearborn in recent years. Those fields really added a lot of interest to a very plain area in the middle of the city, and I started to think about how sunflowers could potentially function in Detroit. (I drive along W. Warren a lot so that’s what I had in mind - plenty of grass). I just stumbled across this article that discusses the use of sunflowers in Rustbelt cities as well as this project in St. Louis.

Bravado - Lorde